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World’s Tiniest


The best things come in small packages…

Especially at sea.

That is why we are preparing a three day, never-see-before all-inclusive experience of the Danish islands of Endelave, Tunø and Samsø.

Get ready to travel by a true offshore 12 passengers rib-boat that will take you from island to island. Here you will get to experience the ambience of the small islands, the spectacular nature, outdoor activities and local foods.

4 days, 3 islands and 1 experience you will never forget!


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3 danish islands
in 4 days

Experience the special ambience of the three small islands of Endelave, Tunø and Samsø in the Kattegat sea.

Unique transport
with sea ranger

Travel with full speed ahead and a close-up to nature with a true offshore 12 passengers rib-boat.

Local food

Experience Nordic cuisine and local foods and tastes on all three islands.

Danish world
class nature

Prepare for breathtaking views and fresh air on the secluded islands and their wild nature.


The World’s Smallest Cruise

10.00-10.45: We meet at Hou harbor, where a guide and skipper from SeaRangers guide welcomes you with a glass of bubbles. While we pack the boat you’ll changes clothes and get instructions on safety on board.

10.45-12.00: We leave the quay and sail towards Endelave. Along the way we hear about the islands shaped by the forces of nature, and about life in the small communities. A refreshment from Endelave is served, and we sail past one of the area’s seal colonies and look at the curious seals and the area’s bird life.

12.00-12.30: Welcome to Endelave. We change clothes and walk towards the city.

12.30-13.15: We check in at Endelave Kro, where we greet the host couple and hear the story of “Hannerne Club” which consists of the approx. 10% of the island’s female residents named Hanne.

13.15 – 14.00: Breakfast.

Seaweed safari, where we taste – and learn about – the sea’s resources and ingredients.

16.00– 18.30: Time for a break with the opportunity to relax  or go svimming before dinner. Everyone gets a bike provided for exploration on your own.

Posibilities for

    • Workshop: Learn to make your own “Snaps”
    • Bike ride to Øvre, where we gather and hear about the area’s unique nature and take a closer look at the Vikings’ old shipwreck.
    • Walk Kaninoen to Øvre on your own.

19.00-22.00: Dinner with Frederik and Marie at Endelave Kro og Gæstgiveri

The host couple offers 8 servings incl. wine menu.

8.30-9.30 Breakfast at Endelave Kro made with local ingredients.

9.30-10.00: Check out from Endelave Kro.

10.00-10.30: We walk to Endelave Harbor and change into sailing clothes.

10.30-12.00: Departure from Endelave to the car-free island Tunø. Along the way, we tell about the area and offer a refreshment from Tunø. We also pass Tunø Knob, where one of Denmark’s oldest offshore wind farms stands.

12.00-12.30: Arrival at Tunø Harbor and change of clothes.

12.30-13.45: Smoke workshop where we smoke fish over a campfire with flake salt and herbs.

13.45-14.45: We eat a delicious lunch with a view of the water and Tunø Harbor.

14.45-15.30: Check in at the Mejeriet.

15.30-18.30: Break with the opportunity for relaxation, go for a swim before dinner or explore the island on your own.

You can sign up for

    • tractor ride around Tunø with communication guide on the road.
    • Bonfire-coffee and cake in Camp SeaRangers
    • Tour to the Lighthouse and Church Tower

18.30-21.00: 3-course dinner with local ingredients incl. wine menu at the Mejeriet.

Opportunity for continued coziness in the well-stocked bar at Mejeriet.

8.00-9.15: Breakfast at the Mejeriet.

9.15-9.45: Check out from the Mejeriet.

10.00-10.30: We meet at Tunø Harbor, pack the boat and change into sailing clothes.

10.30-11.00: Sailing to Mårup Harbor with a view of Samsø’s beautiful northwest coast, and the guide talks about the island from the sea. We taste the essence of the island with an exciting Samsø snack.

11.00-11.15: We arrive at Mårup Harbor, where we change clothes and go to the bus.

11.15-11.30: Drive to Nordby by bus with introduction to the area and northern Samsø.

11.30- 12.15: We drop off in Nordby, where we meet our local guide, a real “samsing”, and hear stories about Nordby by the idyllic street pond.

12.15 – 13.00: You can explore the local shops or relax and enjoy Nordby’s lovely atmosphere.

13.00-14.00: We eat lunch made with local ingredients at Lars and Lars at Smagen af ​​Samsø.

14.00-15.15: The bus picks us up and drives us to the Hotel.

15.45-19.00: Check-in at hotel i Ballen. Then there is the opportunity to:

    • Rent a bike and explore Ballen and the surrounding towns.
    • Relax and have fun on your own.
    • Swim at the beach

19.00-21.00: Delicious 3-course dinner with ingredients from Samsø.

9.00-10.00: Breakfast at the hotel

10.00-10.30: We check out and the luggage is packed in the bus.

10.30-12.45: Opportunity to relax and explore the Ball and the surrounding area on your own.

You can sign up for the following tours:

    • Samsø Bær and Samsø Labyrinten.
    • Falkecenter
    • Other sights on lovely Samsø.

12.45-14.45: Nice breakfast in Ballen. Opportunity for shopping.

15.45: We take the ferry to Hou.

16.45: Arrival Hou Harbor.

Destination Kystlandet

The idea for The World’s Tinies Cruise emerged from Destination Kystlandet – a joint destination management company in the heart of Denmark that unites Odder, Horsens and Juelsminde.

Small or big adventures? In the Coastal Land, our guests are always on the verge of their next great experiences.

We are working to put The Coastal Land on the world map as a new travel destination where our guests can discover – and rediscover – hidden gems and adventures of all kinds.

Welcome to the Coastal Land – here, the coast is clear, and our guests set the course.



Listen to the podcast “Talking travel and other stuff” with Sara Darling.

Co-organiser and Director of Destination Kystlandet, Helle Berthold Rosenberg gives you an unique insight into the upcoming Danish cruise.

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